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My View on offshore safety

Safety has become a different subject in the years since I started working in the oil industry in 1978. Then it was something that came forth out of YOUR knowledge of YOUR job in all it's aspects, it was something you learned before you went out to the rig or platform. Safety was about prevention of injury and damage, now it seems to be about avoiding liability.

Once on the installation and before you started your work you had a chat with both those in charge and those working in the same area.

I have the strong impression that safety has been hijacked by an uncontrollable system of regulations and papers; uncontrollable for the user that is.

These days it's considered quite alright to assign people to a certain job just on the basis of a strict set of rules. As long as you've filled in the work permit and have it signed by someone that's ON PAPER in charge but who you'll probably never see on site you're considered OK. These rules are, especially in Britain, strictly enforced without any consideration of or for the specific knowledge of the individual or circumstances.

In the following pages I will give some stark examples of this type of 'fools safety'

Please keep in mind the oil industry is (one of) the most profitable in the world.

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